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Siberia, where is it? And why drift...

Siberia is a huge geographical region located in Northern Asia and extends eastwards from the Ural Mountains to Pacific Ocean.

They say that Siberia is entirely a taiga region though I saw also plains and tundra. To say nothing of thousands of kilometers of the sea cost.

Naturally, it is cold here in winter, sometimes too much. Very cold. In some places there a lot of snow falls, in others, a strong cold wind blows snow away.

Despite the climate, there are lots of people living here. Strong hardy people. Would like to say that people live here for several tens of thousands of years. Some of them moved to North America about 20 thousand years ago settled both American continents. 

Siberia still links East and West. Since the beginning of the 90’s’ shipment of Japanese cars with right-hand drive having gone through Siberia to Western Russia. For a short period of time millions of drivers have been admiring Japanese cars and culture.

A drift has come to Siberia as a part of Japanese culture. There are small and big communities in the most major Siberian cities, where drift fans started upgrading cars and performing in competitions.

To the next article.... 

  • Siberia, where is it? And why drift...
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