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KFD Team product reviews

We ship most of the aero elements cut in half

We ship most of the aero elements cut in half

Click to see full video on Youtube channel: 

www.youtube.com/Car aero elements cut in half - how to make them whole again

Usually we used to ship bumpers, side skirts uncut.

But due to delivery companies' restrictions and latest occasions when aero elements were damaged during delivery - we decided to ship most of aero elements cut in half.

It will allow them to be safer during transportation, and even a bit cheaper in delivery and a bit faster to deliver.

In this case we put in the package a repair kit: fiberglass tissue, mold element for you to easy get the original form.

This will not affect aero element in any way but require a bit more work to do prior installation.

This repair set includes fiberglass pattern (mold), fiberglass tissue, screws.

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