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KFDpromo Lexus IS how it started

In the year of 2020 #KFDteam decided to get a chassis for #KFDmade suspension testing.

Choosing the chassis was the easiest part. KFD manufactures wide range of items for Lexus IS, such as angle kit (including knuckles, extended FLCA, modified factory tension rod arm), FUCA, RUCA, whole rear arm set, engine and transmission mounts, bushings for rear subframe and rear differential.

So, Lexus IS was the choice, but the hard part was to find stock car itself.

Due to location of KFD headquarters, somewhere in the middle between Japan and Europe, we decided to look for both, Lexus IS and Toyota Altezza, since they are pretty much the same, and we found and purchased one in Japan, nice and clean Toyota Altezza. 

While our precious was shipping towards Siberia, we got a bright idea, to create a unique AERO for it.

And we have started from building our own aero prototype CNC milling machine, and yes, we can, and we did.

Next step was modeling. After hours and hours of 3D modeling, we have invented the fresh new look of aero kit for IS chassis, aggressive and wide.

By that time car has arrived, and we have started prototype CNC milling, and it is CNC accurate and fast.

Some fitting, cutting, and here we go, #KFDmade AERO kit TYPE2 for Lexus IS is ready, and our precious is all dressed up in #KFDoriginals AERO, equipped with all #KFDmade purple suspension goodies, and #KFDpromo #LexusIS was born.

Right now, it is getting armed with proper boosted 1JZ-GTE and waiting for the sunny days to come. 

We hope that it is only the beginning of the story, and more action is yet to come in year 2021.

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